Certainly one can put up an argument that Young Thug has trained our generation’s ear to tolerate, and even enjoy, pretty much any weird noise that an artist may make on a song. Thugger might not even be the only one responsible for this adjustment, but his vocal contortions have largely normalized eccentric performances. While whining and screeching and sputtering would have demoted a song to the category of “noise” in the past, today, it is admired and often praised as innovative.

Meanwhile, YNW Melly doesn’t  seem to be holding back any bit on “I Ain’t Lying” off his newly-released album, Melly vs. Melvin. The incarcerated rapper has such a natural melodic bent that no matter where he winds up on his unpredictable travels, the result is enjoyable. At the top of the first verse, YNW Melly repeats the line “Suck that dick, then I buy you some new Gucci shoes” three times – each time choosing to play around with different parts. There’s nothing like a funny bar that is poignantly delivered.

Brief Lyrics

I got bad hoes cheatin’, and they say I’m fling-ding
I’m in jail but on Twitter, I’m trending
Big ass gun, and the clip is extending
Shawty wanna fuck ’cause a n**** gettin’ bands
Young rich n****, watch me hit the Melvin dance