Well, it’s a known fact that Travis Scott’s concerts always gets a bit wild. At all Travis show that I have witnessed, the mosh pits get opened up and people lose their minds. It actually a plus to the excitement and the fun of attending a Travis Scott show. According to TMZ, the madness started early over at this year’s Astroworld Festival in Houston. Trav himself shared a video of festival-goers jumping over barricades and stampeding to enter the event. The thrilling fans looked to be young, many of them children. It is an all-ages event, but it’s hard not to have some concern for the kids. Security kinda seems to be scarce as well.

TMZ reports that Trav responded to the scene by stating, “DA YOUTH DEM CONTROL THE FREQUENCY. EVERYONE HAVE FUN. RAGERS SET TONE WHEN I COME OUT TONIGHT. BE SAFE RAGE HARD. AHHHHHHHHHHH.” His mixed messaging is a sign that Trav is attempting to toe the line without outright encouraging the raging. He has been arrested and sued for encouraging or inciting fans to riot at his shows in the past, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be turning down his energy anytime soon.