With Born To Rap arriving on November 29th, The Game officially started off his press run with a journey to Everyday Struggle. While there are still much to unpack, some of the most interesting moments came when The Game waxes poetic on the past projects and relationships. When asked about his overall discography, he never delayed to hold it down for Jesus Piece. Pointing out that the 2012 album was his third-best body of work, Game seems genuinely saddened at its neglect. “N***as slept on Jesus Piece,” he laments. “Ayo, I don’t give a fuck what you doing today, if you find sixty minutes and you working out or chilling, throw the album on and show a n***a some love. That’s an album I dug into, and like, that shit is sonically amazing from front to back. The concept, that’s raw hip-hop. That’s my third favorite album.”

Mean while, journeying down memory lane, Ak inquires about Game’s long-awaited reunion with Dr. Dre, who went on to visit some of the sessions for the upcoming Born To Rap. “When I got back to Dr. Dre, I was like ‘it’s been a minute,'” remembers Game. “He was like, ‘you could have called me at any point in time…Basically I thought he wasn’t fucking with me. But his perception of the whole thing was financial. He was like, I have to go with who financially selling the most records…50 and G-Unit as a whole were selling more.” He also notes Em’s involvement in the 50 Cent & Interscope umbrella, chalking up white privilege and money as two sides of the equation.

“I looked at G-Unit like it was a real gang,” Game admits. “I looked at Interscope like it was a real family and that’s not what it was. It was a business.” Around the eighteen-minute mark, Game reveals that he’d be willing to link up with G-Unit for a reunion, provided the bag was in order. “We’re a lot older now, and shit gotta be split down the middle,” he says. “There’s really no G-Unit tour without Game. There ain’t no G-Unit tour without Fifty. Everybody else can mix in where they mix in. Banks is still one of my favorite emcees, we used to go bar for bar in the studio for who was getting the second verse. I fuck with Banks, I hated the fuck out of Yayo. But I’m forty now. There’s no animosity with him either.”