Quit unfortunate for Tekashi69’s girlfriend Jade as she won’t get to spend the holidays with her rainbow-haired man this year. However, If luck is by her side, next year he’ll be home and celebrating along with her. The due  were hoping that he would walk away with time served during his sentencing trial last week but, instead, the judge ordered him to twenty-four months in prison. Of that, he has already served thirteen months and is expected to get out even sooner than anticipated. Jade have been silent since that announcement but, today, she reappeared to troll the living hell out of 6ix9ine.

Receiving an iced-out troll doll chain (with real hair) to match 6ix9ine’s My Little Pony piece, Jade shared that she actually had wished for a different pendant. “I wanted Minnie Mouse because your Mickey Mouse but this Troll doll is fine I guess,” wrote the former stripper online. So, basically she just joked that her boyfriend is a rat… right? She even added the emoji and everything. At least she’s got a sense of humor!

The piece was designed by Jimmy Boi, one of 6ix9ine’s favorite jewelers. It’s pretty complicated and, clearly, it costed a lot of money. Looks like Tekashi still has dough leftover from all his legal fees. Check out the hell of a troll below.