Super Bowl may look like Grammy Awards after party.

The crowd at Super Bowl 54 may end up looking like a Grammy Awards after-party, because it’s going to be featuring some of the biggest names in music yzpage has learned.

Super Bowl will be starring the likes of Cardi B, Lady Gaga and DJ Khaled and they are expected to be at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami next Sunday to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in the big game.

However, Beyonce is likely to be there makes sense with Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL — and it’s quite possible Sir Paul McCartney will be in attendance as well.

The duo headlined the Super Bowl Halftime Show in the past, so they’ll surely be interested to see how this year’s performers — Jennifer Lopez and Shakira fare during their set.

Meanwhile, we learnt that of J Lo’s fiance, A-Rod, will also be at the game. He was in tow when she was shooting a Super Bowl commercial earlier this month, too.

Even Famous pro gamer Ninja is also going to be there.

Although, both aren’t musicians, but they still make the celebrity list and we’re certain there will be many more. The game is going to be a big deal.