Good work and credits to London On Da Track. He has been absolutely murderous behind the boards, doing great both as a producer and as a mixing engineer. He and fast rising RnB superstar Summer Walker have made beautiful music together, most notably throughout her debut album Over It. Off its strength, Summer found herself thrust into the spotlight, her comfort levels plummeting in the process. And again, even after a called-off tour, Summer focuses to keep her inspiration. Visiting the studio once again, Walker, London, and Chris Brown linked up for a new single titled “Something Real.”

Now available in a selected international markets, the bass-heavy duet finds both parties harmonizing over London’s lush arrangement. Upbeat in nature, this one strays away from Summer’s more morose reflections on heartbreak and romantic slights; perhaps art is imitating life in that regard, as it is wont to do. Make sure you slide into this sound.

Few Lyrics

And I know you ain’t never had nobody in your life
That’ll come and do you right, right
Don’t you let me to change your life? Girl
I’m tryna put that wrist underwater
Girl, I might just give you a daughter