The main reason why the redesigned Sonic in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film looks cool is actually very easy to explain.

The new Sonic the Hedgehog film trailer may not be funny or interesting, but it actually have one thing going for it: Sonic look has been updated design.

Meanwhile, after the original version was publicly ridiculed for weeks on end, Sega and Paramount took a step back, delayed the film production and came-back to give us a look at the big change, the character design had undergone. So far, the reception has largely been positive.

It kinda looks like all Sega and Paramount had to do was hire someone who actually worked on Sonic animation in the past to get the job done. Tyson Hesse, animation director for Sonic Mania’s cutscenes and director of the Sonic Mania Adventures animated series, is the one responsible for the redesign.

Hesse confirmed this after the trailer’s release on Twitter. “Honored to have been brought in to lead the design on the new Movie Sonic,” he wrote. “Working with Jeff and the modelers, riggers, texture/fur artists and animators in LA, London, and Vancouver was a thrill I’ll never forget.”

Hesse, you may remember, actually shared his own rendition of Sonic in live action, following the initial character reveal back in March. The illustration he shared on Twitter at the time has been modified slightly since, and is now part of the movie’s official promo material.

Here’s Hesse’s Tweet from March. Notice how nearly identical the two look.