Saweetie flexes around on her new track “Tap In,” which samples a classic Too $hort banger.

Saweetie has been quietly speeding up to unveil her upcoming album Pretty Bitch Music, and today, she delivered the lead single “Tap In.” Fans of $hort won’t find it difficult to recognize the instrumental as “Blow The Whistle,” as Saweetie made sure to get the rapper’s blessing before firing this one into the world. Taking a dive into the infectious bass-driven groove, Saweetie begins with a slick flow, revealing plenty of character as she slides into new and increasingly playful rhyme schemes.

“Billionaire nas wanna eat me out,” she boasts, officially entering x-rated territory. “Bitch I’m from the West Coast, they wanna go down South / All these lame-ass n*s tryna fuck for clout.” Some how, after everything, it always comes back to the clout. Unwanted advances aside, Saweetie appears to be enjoying the moment, her boldness and infectious energy seemingly boundless throughout her new single. And from the sound of it, Pretty Bitch Music will bring more of that to the table.

“I’m still developing myself as an artist,” she said to Zane Lowe, while speaking on Beats 1 following the release of “Tap In.” “So, it took me a year to kind of just tap in with myself. No pun intended.” Give the brand new song a spin right away.


Billionaire ns wanna eat me out Bitch I’m from the West Coast, they wanna go down South All these lame-ass ns tryna fuck for clout
I won’t let him hit but he can put it in his mouth