Report came this week that Roddy Ricch‘s hit song, “The Box” topped Justin Bieber‘s “Yummy,” on the Spotify charts to sit on the number 1 spot, an impressive feat for the hip hop newcomer. Considering Bieber’s longstanding career as a popstar, not to mention his enthusiatic fanbase of Beliebers, no doubt that nobody could have predicted that the Compton rapper would wind up preventing Bieber’s solo comeback to fall short. While Roddy Ricch has plenty of reason to celebrate, the news seems to have left Bieber shook, as he probably never expected to have any competition in climbing the charts when he embarked on his return as a solo artist. Meanwhile, Bieber and his team have been practically forcing “Yummy” down everyone’s throats, encouraging Beliebers to do the absolute most to get “Yummy” to debut at #1 like buying the song multiple times on his website or playing the song on Spotify at a low volume while they sleep. Bieber was roasted all over the Internet for his desperate antics, and it looks like Roddy has joined in on the fun.

On Saturday afternoon, Ricch took to Twitter to encourage his fans to do the one thing they’ve definitely avoided doing: “stream yummy by justin bieber 💪🏽.” The tweet is obviously a dig at Bieber for his pathetic attempts to inch out “The Box” from the number 1 spot, and the pettiness it discharges is just too good. His fans had some funny responses, one even asked, “how much did justin bieber pay you??” We wouldn’t be surprised if he resorted to that at this point. Stream “The Box.”