A short art piece from Redman.

Lovers of Hip hop was gifted with a surprise on Friday after Redman disclosed his trio of tracks for his 3 Joints project. By the time Reggie drops Muddy Waters Too, we’re all going to be that old lady from Titanic: “It’s been 84 years.” Yet, whatever Redman needs to do to make sure he’s crafting the best project possible, we are in full support.

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For the time being, the New Jersey emcee’s 3 Joints offers three strikingly different looks from Redman. His flow is only slightly altered for each track, but it’s different enough to make this mini-project a banger across the board. Back in May 2019, Reggie chatted with Take It Personal Radio and shared why he’s gone down in history as one of the most respected rappers in hip hop.

“Because I work hard for that sh*t,” Redman said. “I work hard to be that guy that can roam with the richest of the richest and be around the tops of the circle and still get respected and then still be with the lowest and have-nots and still be respected. I love that balance.” Give a spin to 3 Joints and share your thoughts.


  1. Its A Banguh
  2. Slap Da Sh*t Outcha
  3. Zugga