A new day, and another woman is already making claims that she’s been creeping around with a rapper. Yesterday, a woman showed up on Twitter with a slew of accusations against Migos rapper Quavo. We’ve seen Quavo and his girlfriend Saweetie share their relationship with the world as they’ve gifted themselves with luxury items, appeared on red carpets arm-in-arm, and declared their love publicly. A woman named Lashae Clair is trying to throw a wrench in things, apparently, also making a profit from her story.

Quavo and Sweetie

“This probably going to get deleted. But I’ve been talking to Quavo for the last couple of months,” Lashae wrote alongside some screenshots she had with Quavo on FaceTime. “He doesn’t really love that girl 🤦🏽‍♀️ if he did he wouldn’t be talking to me. There’s just soo much to unfold that I’ve learned from him & Offset.” Her FaceTime images were Snapchat filtered and her screenshot seemed to be a photo from an image search.

“Quavo messaged me on Instagram back around August, it all started from here. I guess cause I don’t have a lot of following it was okay for him to message me,” she added. Then, she uploaded a photo that was supposed to be an exchange between herself and Quavo as he asked to hang out with her when he gets to New York.

“He messaged me ‘Sup pretty this qua’ after that we started talking and It’s crazy how these girls that’ll do anything for their man. Meanwhile they’re being cheated on, Offset messing my friend no one is Safe in these streets,” she continued. Then, she threatened to expose all of the photos, including nudes, but only if paid through a subscription site. She said she’d also sent her “receipts” to other sites like The Shade Room, but social media is calling her out.

Check out the messages below for yourself and check out a few skeptical reactions. “They really do anything for clout.”