Charlie Noxon, the son of the woman who made “Orange Is the New Black” and “Weeds” was involved in a skiing accident that led to his death.

20-year-old Charlie Noxon had an accident on the slopes of Park City, Utah on New Year’s Eve. Law enforcement revealed that he fell, and it was apparent he needed immediate medical attention. An helicopter from the University of Utah’s Medivac Unit was dispatched and it took Charlie Noxon to a nearby hospital. He was later pronounced dead few hours later.

Aside from that Noxon fell, there were no other details available concerning the circumstances surrounding the accident that claimed his life.

Charlie appeared in an episode of “Weeds” back in 2008. His mom, Jenji Kohan, and his dad, journalist Christopher Noxon, separated in 2018 after 21 years of marriage.

Charlie was in Park City with his dad and his 2 other siblings when the accident occurred.

The Medical Examiner is currently in possession of the body and has not yet performed an autopsy.