Too sad, another celebrity relationship falls prostrate

Ne-Yo whose real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith and his wife Crystal Renay Smith are allegedly splitting up after nearly four years of marriage. According to The Jasmine Brand, we leant that Crystal is the one who pulled the plug on the relationship. Details surrounding the breakup have not yet emerged, but they reportedly haven’t been seeing eye to eye for quite some time. Sources say Crystal will be filing for divorce very soon because “she’s had enough.”


Making matters worse is a newly released video of Ne-Yo partying to a track called “Pinky Ring” in which he claims, “she gave back the wedding ring, I turned it to a pinky ring.” True to the song’s lyrics, the 40-year-old artist is seen flashing a diamond wedding band on his pinky finger. The shade of it all!

Crystal in-turn responded with a video of her own. Filmed with her friend Shod Santiago, the besties appear to be mocking Ne-Yo. Crystal is heard asking her friend if he will be her date for Valentine’s Day.

The couple first met in 2015, and sparks flew immediately. “I initially met Crystal on what initially was supposed to be a music video,” he told VIBE Magazine in 2018. “I wanted to shoot a little video for the album I was putting out at the time. I was going to cast her, but in the process of us talking and getting to know each other, there was a click, there was a connection.”

Ne-Yo and Crystal married in February 2016 and went on to have two sons: four-year-old, Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., and two-year-old, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. The singer initially faced backlash from fans for marrying Crystal and never proposing to his previous girlfriend of four years Monyetta Shaw, both had two children together, and Shaw has claimed her ex was unfaithful in their relationship. Fortunately, everyone gets along while co-parenting.