Meek Mill takes a moment to show his appreciation for the U.S. troops.

It’s just few days into 2020 and things have already gone left. Following Trumps decision to launch an airstrike on Iran, which killed a top general, Twitter went into chaos as it considered the possibilities that WWIII might be underway. Of course, the memes were initially hilarious but Twitter has a way of taking jokes a little too far at times and this was surely one of those times.

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Flames bond… 😂 @20kvisuals

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Meek Mill initially came in with a funny tweet once news broke of the drone strike. “Trump sending hits involving us in some shit we ain’t got nothing to do with lol I woke up in beef today lol,” he wrote. After a few days of relishing in the idea of waking up in an international feud, the rapper shared some love to the soldiers who are have continued to put their lives on the lines for the safety of Americans.

“One time for the soldiers that really gotta go to war and put ya life on the line …. we from the trenches so we know the feeling of having ya life on the line 24/7 not knowing if you gone make it home!” Meek shared on Twitter.

His positive view was overlooked by one Twitter user who took issue with Meek saying that Trump had involved the U.S. in “some shit we ain’t got nothin to do with.” However, Meek had a very simple response to this individual.

“Sir … I’m from the streets where thousands of black men die everyday … you don’t give a fuck do you … SHUT UP! Thank you and excuse me nice meeting ya … we not on the same frequency,” he responded.

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