Xan pays accolade to his X.

Lots of friends, fans, and family of XXXTentacion took to social media to honour the late rapper this past Thursday, January 23rd, on his 22nd birthday or as it would have been. Following his death on June 18th, 2018, X did not make it to see 22, but his supporters and loved ones have ensured that his memory is kept alive by sharing some loving messages and revealing special exchanges they’d had with the rapper while he was still alive. One of those people was fellow rapper, Lil Xan, who shared a tribute to X on Instagram and also posted few of the strong advice he had given Xan.

“Happy Birthday Legend 💔,” Xan wrote, followed by some happy memories of X. “I met you in 2016 and we spent a week in an airbnb with other up and coming rappers to celebrate ‘Look At Me’ hitting 1 million ! And the way you spoke was like you were an old soul who had a purpose, that purpose was to save millions of life’s.” Xan continued the heartfelt message by writing, “love you man and thank you for always giving me the best advice that I’ll cherish forever❤️ Love you man…” Xan also shared a photo of X followed by a screenshot of some of their DMs. “Be empowered by it,” X told Xan, followed by Xan writing, “Move in silence.” X then proceeds to unleash some words of wisdom, declaring, “Get what you want out of it all, don’t let them ruin your love for yourself. And beyond everything, always fear yourself. Because you are your best friend and your worst enemy.” Wow.


Another X’s friend wished him a happy birthday on social media. Ski Mask The Slump God tweeted, “Happy Birthday Jah. Saying I Miss You Is A Understatement But I Know I’ll See You Again One Day.” In the same vein as Xan, Trippie Redd also posted screenshots of his DMs with X from jsut a few days before the late rapper’s death, in which he gave Trippie some life-changing advice. Though Trippie has since deleted the post, the DMs from X read: “Hope you see what I was trying to warn you about when you’re out. Get all those demons from around you and get some good energy around you. The company you keep define you to a certain point.” Trippie said that this was the “best advise I could have ever gotten cause wen I did wat u said it just changed my whole perspective u really truly are the goat still ♾ love u.”