With a bash like this, it sure pays to have a billionaire for a mother.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott plans an historic birthday party for their little Stormi and if her first birthday is any indication, this bash is going to be super legendly.

Close sources to Kylie and Travis confirmed that they are getting back to their co-parenting ways to throw a joint bday bash for Stormi’s 2nd, renting out a studio space for friends and family and running up the tab to a nice six figures.


Stormi’s already had a special visit to Disney World to kick off the birthday festivities, Feb. 1 will mark her second trip around the sun but the Mouse House is only the tip of the bday iceberg.

Meanwhile, you’ll remember Stormi’s first birthday party was nothing short of eye-catching. Kylie rented out the entire backlot of Universal Studios for a “Stormiworld” theme, complete with carnival rides, a butterfly rainbow forest and tons of food and games, wow!

“Stormiworld” coincided with Travis Scott Astroworld tour and although this year’s theme is still unclear, we learnt that there’s a good chance Stormi’s love for “Trolls” will serve as inspiration.

However, we learnt that Stormi had one of the “Trolls” visit her for Christmas so she maybe reuniting with the Dreamworks movie characters for her birthday.