Though Kodak Black may be doing time behind bars for the time being for his federal weapons charge, but that hasn’t prevented him from exploring the holiday spirit this year. Few days after donating of cash & gifts to families in Broward County, the Florida rapper is now gifting fans some new music on this Christmas Day. Kodak decided to come through and share the new song called “Harriet Tubman,” which of course is named after the political activist.

Dyryk & Kaixen took charge of the production, Kodak reflects on his life and tough come up, rapping about needing to run his whole life, and feeling like “Harriet Tubman” in the process. “Feel like Harriet Tubman, I aint stop, I kept running/ They was actin’ funny, I said the money train coming/ I feel like Harriet Tubman,” Black raps. It’s not clear if this will see life on his forthcoming Kill Bill project or just serve as a holiday present for the fans in the meantime, but either way we ain’t going no where.

Notable Lyrics:

I ran up out of love, I ran up out of love
You say you had enough, so I went out to the club
Cant drink cause Im too young, but today Im getting drunk
So muth’fuckin tired, been running all my life
I’ve been running all my life, I’ve been running all my life
Harriet Tubman, I’ve been running all my life