“That’s the deal”

On Saturday, a video of a man suspected to be Kawhi Leonard “Fun Guy” went viral on Twitter and cause reactions.

The viral video in question shows a man resembling Kawhi Leonard on a New Balance hoodie receiving a lap dance and making it rain at a strip club. Possibly, the club would be in Miami after the Clippers’ 122-117 victory over the Heat.

Lots of fans took note of the New Balance hoodie in particular. “Kawhi Leonard is the only human on Earth to wear New Balance to the club 😂. Confidence level is unbeatable,” one fan wrote.

“So THIS why Kawhi too busy to play back-to-backs lmaoo,” another remarked.

Of course, celebration would be in the cards for Leonard who notched his first career triple-double with 33 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.


“It’s just a great honor,” Leonard told reporters after the game, according to ESPN. “But I’m just more happy with the win. I just feel good that we came in here and got a win tonight.”

“Actually I thought he had one already,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said of the triple-double. “Yeah, that’s cool. And he had to — [the Heat] were trapping him. And instead of trying to force it, he just kept taking the traps, moving the ball, getting guys open shots.

The Clippers’ would be playing their next game on Sunday against the Magic.