Karlie Redd beaten so brutally that she was sent to the ICU.

Reality star Karlie Redd seems to always get involved in some crazy drama that is usually partly scripted for Love & Hip Hop. Her name was visibly attached to some crazy headlines, including some stories about shit-stained sheets, sex toy lines, and plety more. The previous week, rumor mill has been whirling and, subsequently, Karlie got herself in a major fight inside of an Atlanta nightclub. She was reportedly injured so badly during the brawl that she was forced to the hospital, where she was later admitted to the ICU.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

According to an unconfirmed report by AllHipHop, Karlie Redd has been released from the hospital after being involved in a violent altercation at a party. It is not clear how many people jumped the star or if she had provoked her attackers. Meanwhile, Karlie Redd appears to be okay and she’s reportedly recovering from the trauma.


Social media had some reactions to the gossip news all week, wondering amongst themselves who could have been responsible for sending her to the intensive care unit. without doubt, her injuries must have been bad if she was deemed an appropriate patient for the ICU. It is also currently unknown whether or not cameras were rolling during the fight so, if we’re lucky, this might make it to TV next season.

We wish you a quick recovery Karlie.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images