Just as some will be expecting a return to form for Kanye West on Jesus Is Born, They may probably end up disappointed. The former Chicago rapper is dedicated to Jesus Christ now, fully re-crafting his life’s purpose and living through the Lord. His Sunday Service collective has been operating strongly for the entire year, spending the last twelve months entertaining the masses with their gospel and singing God’s praises in ceremonies that started out as private affairs yet ended up in arenas. Kanye West is officially living his dreamed life, being provided the resources to become a gospel star and this new project sees it all come full circle.

Revealing just a few moments ago that Jesus Is Born would officially be released today, the project has made its way onto streaming services worldwide. This body of work is basically a display of the beautiful choir that West has been so proud to travel the country with, showcasing their talents and keeping his contributions to a minimum.

Meanwhile, The project contains nineteen songs, including a cover of “Ultralight Beam,” this is truly a beautiful soundtrack for Christmas Day. Jason White, the choir’s leader, guides the group into using their beautiful vocals to celebrate Jesus on one of the most faith-filled days of the year.

Check the album out and tell us what you think.


1. Count Your Blessings
2. Excellent
3. Revelations 19:1
4. Rain
5. Balm In Gilead
6. Father Stretch
7. Follow Me – Faith
8. Ultralight Beam
9. Lift Up Your Voices
10. More Than Anything
11. Weak
12. That’s How The Good Lord Works
13. Sunshine
14. Back To Life
15. Souls Anchored
16. Sweet Grace
17. Paradise
18. Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down
19. Total Praise