Grimes shares that her red skin color looks like rosacea.

Certainly, pregnancy causes skin problems of different sought, but singer Grimes disclosed that she has a special skincare routine to help combat those problems.

Grimes, who recently revealed that she was pregnant, shared her beauty routine in a new video for Vogue.

“First step, I usually wash my face,” she said, following with a mist to hydrate her skin.

Then, she uses a “Korean essence” that she rubs into her skin. “It’s really been helping me deal with pregnancy skin problems,” she said. “I don’t know if everyone has this, but when I got knocked up, my skin turned super red and just constantly covered in … stuff. It’s like rosacea.”

Grimes went on to say that doing makeup is “way harder pregnant, for some reason.”

After her essence, Grimes also uses a vitamin C serum. “I like vitamin C because, supposedly, it protects you from the sun,” she said, noting that she hasn’t verified that with a doctor. She follows that up with “Korean eye cream” to “keep you looking fresh and youthful.” If she has a photo shoot, Grimes says she’ll use a face massager or even use ice on her face to help with puffiness.

Up next is sunscreen. “All my skincare is something that I started doing in the last year,” she said, noting that entering her thirties prompted the change.

Next, Grimes moves on to makeup, which features primer, tinted sunscreen, foundation, powder, lip balm, lip liner, brow pencil, eyeliner, a lash curler, mascara and lipstick.

The mom in advance went through a lot of different products, and said she likes to mix things up as much as she can. If you’re interested in experimenting with new skincare during your pregnancy, just keep in mind that some popular skincare ingredients aren’t recommended during your pregnancy. In general, you’ll want to skip the following.