It’s kinda hilarious that Future has been painted as hip hop’s favorite antihero. His big fall is considered to be how he behaves in his (not-so) romantic relationships. Much evidence of his problematic views on women have been provided in his lyrics (see “My Collection”). His very-long cases of baby mama drama also leave people confused as to whether Future has been negligent or he’s being set up. Despite all this, Future tends to be praised as the patron saint of toxic masculinity, which has led to him becoming this holiday season’s best meme.

lthough, an assortment of photos of Future on his phone have been flooding social media on Christmas day. These photos produced the perfect meme templates to capture that guy who uses the holidays to send deceptive texts to his ex. Under the guise of sending well wishes to you and your family, he plays the victim whose looking for something in return. He pretends to respect boundaries while stepping all over them. He designs messages that possess semi-witty switch-arounds, like: “I know I’m the last person you want to talk to, but I still wanted to be the first to wish you a merry Christmas.” Despite these efforts to sound poetic and charming, you MUST NOT respond to his texts.