Future made everything available for pre-order on his online store.

The official “Life Is Good“-inspired merch has just been unveiled and it’s available for pre-order purchase on Future’s official online store. The collection is based off of the music video for the Drake-featured track, during the visual Future and Drake had to stretch their imaginations in order to pull off pretending to work at various regular day jobs. Their positions working in a fast food restaurant, mechanic’s garage, and their edition of the Apple store in the Fred-Foster-creatively-directed visual were used in the designs for various pieces in the collection.

The merch collection features a black T-shirt with a red “Hotlanta” logo embellished on the chest, the same logo found on Drake and Future’s uniforms from the fast food chain where they work in the music video. The T-shirt also has “Life Is Good” and “Future” printed on the back, making it to match the print found on the front of the grey hoodie from the collection. There’s also a classic trucker hat available with the name “Future” embroidered on the panel, mechanic’s style. The collection also includes some collectibles, such as a cassette tape, CD and signed 7” vinyls of the track. Each of the vinyls feature a different logo of one of the companies that the rappers worked for in the visuals as the sleeve art. The apparel price ranges from $35 USD to $65 USD, while a digital download of the track starts the collectibles at $0.69 USD and the signed vinyls cap off the collectibles price at $13.98 USD.