The Internet has featured some good funny content of parents encountering their children’s favorite artists, like the video that shows Post Malone meeting a fan’s mother in what appears to be a parking lot.

It all began with the mother approaching a parked car and the window being rolled down to reveal it’s none other than Malone. YG’s “In The Dark” spills out of the car as Post and his friend in the passenger seat doing a synchronized dance move as they vibe to the chorus. The  singer then politely lowers the volume on his stereo to hear what the lady would like from him. She goes ahead to tell him that she has three daughters and asks for him to say “hi” to them for the video. With his cigarette in hand, he obliges. After the mother mentions that one of the daughters actually wants to marry him, Post asks the crucial question, “How old is she?”. The mother replies “23” and Post does what looks like a mischievous look on his face, appearing to mull over the answer. “Well tell her I say hi,” he replies before the video ends.