Close your eyes and imagine yourself so rich that you start trolling your boy over his outdated Bugatti Veyron model, that level ain’t impossible for us to get in life. For now, lets just sit back and enjoy looking from a distance and laughing with 50 Cent and French Montana as they playfully butt heads over their luxury whips. Not everybody can afford to spend over a million dollars on a car. In fact, majority will never have that luxury.

Fat Joe Remembers How Gunplay Ruined 50 Cent & Rick Ross Peace Treaty

50 Cent and French Montana both did exactly that in the last seven days. 50 copped a brand new 2020 Bugatti Chiron for himself, 50 Cent showed off his new wheels online last week. Montana on the other ended got himself a collector’s edition Bugatti Veyron transported to his crib last night, sharing a video to Instagram for Fif to clown. The rapper caught onto the fact that Montana’s new ride is already ten years old, trolling him by re-posting the clip but French has already struck back and he’s certainly not afraid of the Power producer.

After 50 informed him to stick to Uber, French Montana made sure that he countered 50 Cent with some solid moves. “If you don’t take your jean shorts with ashy knees, and that two tone du rag back to Connecticut to that hunted house,” wrote Montana with tons of sass. “Hating on a young n***a that’s a 2 million dolla Buggatti with no miles collectors item! Boi u a dinosaur.”

The comment was left on Fif’s own post. We’ll see what Curtis has to say about his age coming into this exchange.