It a new year and new decade, and Frank Ocean saw it wise to gift us with an appearance on social media. although he was seen in the public more than usual this past year, Frank Ocean has not posted since November 3rd, but he decided to put the two-month IG hiatus to an end. Frank celebrated his fresh start with two posts on his infamous @blonded Instagram account, with very different and not funny subject matter. Revealing that even Frank Ocean can fall victim to the draw of the thirst trap, the first post features a baFrank ck-and-white photo of (presumably) himself with his back to the camera at an angle, his arms up in the air flexing his muscles. putting on just a pair of white briefs, Frank took it upon himself to remind everyone as they enter the new year, they should do it in a different underwear.

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Change your underwear 🧼

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He captioned, “Change your underwear,” followed by a soap emoji. Frank contrasted this more revealing shot with something much more mysterious, kind of like Frank himself. The more recent post is caption-less, but shows a grainy, shadowy Frank waving at the camera.

After the elusive force, Frank is a veteran in unpredictability, and he maintained that in 2019. He caused quite a stir at Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flognaw Festival in November, though through no fault of his own, when he did not show up as the surprise guest as fans had predicted. He also surprised the public when he threw a series of “PrEP+ parties,” which reimagined the 80s and 90s NYC nightlife scene had the HIV preventative drug existed, though he did receive some backlash for the theme. Recently, it was revealed that Frank Ocean is rumoured to be one of the headliners for Coachella 2020, along with Travis Scott and Rage Against The Machine.