The Canada born artist, Drake has been very secretive about his personal life throughout the latest stretch of his career. Just maybe he never had plans of telling us about his son Adonis had Pusha-T not exposed the truth about the rapper’s family in a diss record last year. His baby boy recently celebrated his birthday and, in the past, Drizzy has revealed that they do spend time on FaceTime together. He decidedly does not want his boy growing up without having to flex an actual real face time, like all good fathers, he regularly finds space in his busy schedule to fit his family in. On Instagram last night, the superstar showed off his one-on-one moments with little Adonis, posting one of the first-ever photos we’ve seen of the kid.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Meanwhile we don’t actually get to see his face — or his body for that matter — the Canadian artist made it crystal clear that he was hanging out with his mini-me last night. In a photo uploaded to his Instagram story, Adonis could be seen wearing a pair of socks that reads: “I Love Daddy.” There was no caption attached to the image and frankly, there didn’t really need to be. We learned all we needed to through this.

Fortunately, we’ll get a close-up shot of Adonis’ face. Til then, Drake fans can go crazy over this pair of socks.