Rose used the h-word.

Amber Rose and Alexander Edwards are never shy to show us how happy they are together. They’ve been very bright since welcoming their first child in October – a son wickedly named Slash Electric. Rose has gushed about what a great addition Alexander Edwards has been to her family, as he grew a bond with her and Wiz Khalifa’s 6-year-old son, Bash. Just a few days ago, Amber Rose posted a video of AE and Bash having a dance party together. AE also has a friendly relationship with Wiz Khalifa. The whole squad have been seen attending Bash’s baseball games together. Which clearly suggests that it’s only a matter of time before Rose and AE tied the knot.


They may have possibly done so without us even knowing. Rose shared an Instagram story showing a note from AE that accompanied a bouquet of flowers for her. While bursting with gratitude, she may have accidentally let slip that her and the model are married. She wrote in the post: “The people at the flower shop wrote this with really messy handwriting LOL but the words are from my amazing husband. Thank you @ae4president I love you so much.” She could have used “husband” loosely, as an affection title for her partner, but it unquestionably still leaves us curious as to whether this was the case.