Kobe and Gianna will be honored by family & friends where the basketball legend career was molded.

10 days from now, the public memorial service for Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna will happen at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. As we proceed towards the date, more details are being disclosed about the huge event that will certainly put L.A. on pause. The previous week, mourning mother and wife Vanessa Bryant revealed to the world that all were invited to honor her late daughter and husband. Of recent, TMZ reports that they have more details about the sorrowful event.

According to the outlet the Bryant family is still in the midst of organizing the list of speakers who will take to the stage to pay tribute to the basketball legend and his 13-year-old daughter. “Tickets will be available to the general public, although there will be a number of invited guests who get tickets first, including family, friends, players, NBA officials and, we’re told, season ticket holders,” per TMZ.

Of course, tickets will also be sold, based on reports, not given away for free, and that the price will be a number that “reflects the memories of Kobe and Gigi.” The net proceeds will be donated to charity, but a non-profit has yet to be disclosed. There will also be careful attention paid to how tickets are created and distributed to curtail scalpers.

The upcoming event will surely bring out tens of thousands of fans and mourners, so it’s reported that law enforcement will close the downtown streets surrounding the Staples Center that day. There is a plan for the service to be televised, so police are asking people to stay home and watch from the comforts of their living rooms.