Dave East‘s Survival dropped last week and the fans are hailing it as a masterpiece. Judging from the overall consensus online, Dave East brought the fire with this album, something that was expected. East is one of the few artists that can walk the line between hood music and commercially viable records. A perfect example of his ability to craft radio and club singles is “On Sight.”

Teaming up with Ty Dolla $ign, “On Sight” is a smooth banger dedicated to the ladies. East raps about his lust for a promiscuous woman while Ty serenades the chorus as he does so well. The instrumental finds strength in watery synths and spacious percussions. This is the perfect single for the radio and the club, and would do well at the strip club as well.

Brief Lyrics

I can’t even lie, I come from a hard life (Hard)
I always got it cheaper, I ain’t payin’ y’all price (Nah)
Foreign creep at night, automatic fog lights
Fuck her so good, she can’t even walk right (Ah)
All black hoodie on, but it’s Off-White (Virgil)
I don’t give no money out, I give ’em all pipe
Looking at me funny, now they gon’ be alright (Alright)