The guy who got jumped and robbed by DaBaby and his crew threatens to initiate legal action against them.

The victim who happens to be a concert promoter named Kenneth reveals that multiple attorneys have reached out to him to offer their services — as in suing DaBaby.

Kenneth plans on going after the rapper and everyone involved in the brutal incident … which he claims left him with cuts and bruises on his face.

As for what actually transpired … Kenneth says he was hired to put on a birthday party for rapper Stunna 4 Vegas at a Florida nightclub Thursday night and made a deal with DaBaby to host. He claims it was for a discounted rate of $30k because the rappers are friends.

Kenneth says he showed up with $20k and promised DaBaby the final $10k once the party was over … but the rapper and his crew got pissed, and it quickly turned violent.

The promoterrevealed that he had to get checked out by a doctor because his injuries were so bad. He says video of the assault is difficult for him and his loved ones to watch. Kenneth also claims DaBaby’s team made off with the $20k and hasn’t returned it.

DaBaby was initially detained and later arrested for battery in connection with the incident. According to the police report, Kenneth was robbed of $80, a credit card, an iPhone 7 and then doused with apple juice. It’s certainly possible authorities will add a robbery charge.

Cops say the rapper also has a warrant out of Dallas for organized criminal activity. The warrant stems from a fight DaBaby was in last month at the airport when the rapper and a friend allegedly got into a fight with a food stand employee.