Things are pretty rough for Cynthia Morgan right now, it seems.

Cynthia Morgan’s manager from 2011-2016, Joy Tongo, recently told her to stop throwing stones while living in a glasshouse. This came few hours after Cynthia Morgan blamed her career reversal on Jude “Engees” Okoye of the defunct P-Square group, Tongo urged her to stop being a crying wolf.

Meanwhile, Morgan alleged that Jude Okoye seized her accounts, made her to stop using her name and also stopped promotting her.

In a panic-stricken revelation, Tongo accused the singer of owing her over 30,000 dollars as well as Jude about 40 million naira despite all their investment. She went on to advise her to tell the truth
“let people know the truth, else we would tell them the truth instead of chasing clout.”

Lately, a gofundme account was set up to help Cynthia Morgan make a comeback to the industry.

Recently, Cynthia Morgan’s producer Tony Ross’s “bestie” reached out to Joy Tongo to confirm the authenticity of her claims.

A month ago, Cynthia explained that her reason for leaving the music industry was because she was sick and had to address some family issues.

Cynthia Morgan is not new to controversies.

Back in 2018, Morgan was charged to the Ikeja High Court for failure to pay her rent at her Omole apartment and for tax evasion of about N3.584 million on the same day.

Joy Tongo promised to share more details.