If you are among those expecting to learn anything about Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film titled Tenet through its first official trailer, you may end up being a little sad. After the long wait, the time-shifting tale got it’s official first sneak peek and it will leave you with as many questions as you walked in with.

Christopher Nolan is a popular name when it comes to Hollywood’s directors, delivering such classics as Inception, The Dark Knight, and others. In recent years, he’s also worked on films such as Interstellar, Dunkirk, among others. All of Nolan’s energy as of late has gone into the creation of his latest epic Tenet, which is one of the most expensive films he’s ever undertaken. With a $220 million budget and a release scheduled for Summer 2020, many are looking forward to seeing if the director can potentially earn a few extra awards for his house and, after checking out the first trailer, it’s looking like the Academy Awards will once again be in his future.

Christopher Nolan Tenet

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Tenet is set in a world centred on international espionage per The Verge, finally reviewing some information about the secretive undertaking. The plot is still very muddy but it would appear as though John David Washington’s character is employed with trying to prevent a nuclear holocaust, stopping the third World War in its tracks. Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine and Dimple Kapadia have also been cast in the film.

Peep the trailer below and let us know if you plan on checking out this blockbuster when it hits theaters this coming month.