Burna Boy Money Play An Xmas Vibe

The for real African Giant is experiencing an amazing musical campaign, this time he returned to close out the year on a high note. Burna Boy touched down on “Money Play,” another infectious banger he’s become so adept at crafting. Like the Zlatan-assisted “Killen Dem,” Burna”s latest features a darker musical quality, complete with a slinking minor-key riff and shuffling percussion. Burna’s ear for melody once again shines in the opening moments, as he effortlessly touched down on another catchy chorus vocals.

However, The verse comes next, and Burna puts up his energy with a stuttered delivery, keeping momentum while never seeming to overexert himself. There’s a confidence within his cadence, one befitting of his Giant handle; it’s no wonder millions have rallied around the Nigerian talent, who recently found himself landing a Grammy Nomination for the best World Music Album. Peep into “Money Play” now, a song that would have fit right at home on African Giant — both in beauty and overall quality.