Ariana Makes Out With A Rando

Ariana Grande was spotted out late Saturday night at a Bar called Louie in Northridge, CA which is in the San Fernando Valley way on the outskirts of central L.A.

We learnt that she rolled into the gastropub around 1 AM with a crew of friends in tow, including the gent siting next to her in the booth. They popped in, sat down for a bit, and besides the water we’re told Ariana Grande was just all in on this guy’s face.


As for who this G might be, it’s still a mystry. We’re told he wasn’t instantly recognizable though … which means he’s not on Ariana’s level.

Eyewitnesses said the group only stayed for around 30 minutes, and while some of her friends ordered wine and other drinks … we’re told Ariana wasn’t boozing.

However, she was in a chatty mood. Our sources tell us there was a DJ nearby who was actually playing Ariana’s song, “God is a Woman,” right around the same time she was there. We learnt AG asked the guy to switch up the tunes … she wasn’t in the mood to hear her own song.

An interesting fact about this smooching sesh, is that it doesn’t look like Social House singer Mikey Foster, who’s been romantically linked to Ms. Grande of late … even though we’d been told nothing’s going on there. They hang out a lot.

Second being that Ariana is apparently a regular in the Northridge area. She was interviewed there for a Vogue article in 2019 and has been seen out and about.

Keep your eyes peeled, valley peeps. It may seem like Grande is on the prowl in your area.