Weeks after he celebrated his newborn child, Action Bronson comes through with a new album with his friend and longtime collaborator The Alchemist. The duo have teamed up in the past on a number of tracks including their 2012 collaborative mixtape Rare Chandeliers, and they are back with a new lit project called Lamb Over Rice.

“*LAMB OVER RICE* WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE,” Action Bronson shared on Twitter weeks ago. He’s been on an endless hype about this project on social media, Letting the world know that he wants to inspire people to be their best selves. The Alchemist gave a bold declaration about the opening of Lamb Over Rice when he wrote on his Twitter, “The first verse u will hear on @ActionBronson Lamb Over Rice is a spiritual experience . #DMTri.” Slide into it and let us know if what they say about Lamb Over Rice is true.


1. Dmtri
2. Sven
3. Tear Away Shorts
4. Accoutrements
5. Descendant of the Stars
6. Just the Way It Is
7. Arnold & Danny