Conflict between New York’s bully 50 cent and the Global Citizen continues.

Oh dear. Things between French Montana and 50 Cent have been intensifying in the past week and a half. What started as a light jab at French’s celebration has turned into full-on Internet warfare between the Power exec. and the founder of Coke Boys. Though French went to extremes to take down Fif, 50 Cent has been fully fixated on French’s vehicles.

Meanwhile, Montana has gone to 50 Cent trifling level in the past few days in an attempt to take down the Power exec. 50 is known for his cruel methods of attacking his foes so it would only appear that French has spent some time studying how to play. He’s pulled up receipts alleging Fif’s bedroom kinks and tattletale past which he’s insisted will ruin Fif’s career — an unfeasible task that would take more than the powers of the Coke Boys head honcho to accomplish.

Although, the extensive research French has done, 50 Cent has continued to keep this all in good fun, sticking to the topic at hand: French Montana’s vehicles. Now, you may have seen the autonomous Avatar-inspired Mercedes-Benz concept car, named AVTR, in collabo with James Cameron. Well, it seems like 50 Cent has his sights set on it but he had the urge to remind everyone that the car isn’t from 2008, referring back to the initial point of his feud with French which was the recently-purchased Bugatti that dropped over a decade ago.

Check the post out below.